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Education Completion

Vision for Growh

         GOALS   &   ACHIEVMENTS

I have always believed that healthcare is an ever growing and ever changing environment. I feel that you must constantly be open to new ideas and concepts in order to grow with the industry. I plan to take that openness to another level once I have completed my education at Ottawa. My goal is to continue the growth of my education by obtaining an MBA / MHA. This will open doors of opportunity within the industry.

I began this path to education completion in the fall of 2010. I was an ambitious new student seeking a dual bachelors but all the while scared as I had been out of school for more than ten years. I am now rapidly approaching graduation and overwhelmed by the accomplishment. When I look back and all the skills that I have gain through the communications program I know that I will suceed! Through Ottawa I have not only built the frame work for interpersonal communcations but also the ability to communicate through technology, nonverbal cues, and interculturaly.  I am grateful to all the students and professors that guided me along the way.    

It's hard to believe that its already been beyond 14 years since I entered the healthcare industry. It's difficult to remember what felt like the child in me scared to start a career on my first day in the hospital. I didn't have anyone to hold my hand and slowly guide me into this crazy world; that's not really how it works out there. Instead I entered a short staffed department that handed me an assignment and said "swim today don't sink". The very same day I lost a patient in the ER. It was a rough start to a new career but I was in love with the opportunity to help people. A co-worker patted me on the back and gave me words that would stay with me forever, "keep your head up, you will save more lives than you will lose". Then I realized I truly was in the "life saving" business.  

My goal is to always be looking up once I move into a medical sales position. I want to not only grow my education as discussed in my first goal but I also want to grow within an organization. Once I have completed my first goal of obtaining a higher education, I would then like to look at growing into higher positions within the company. I shadowed a VP of sales and learned how they work with the company much like the other sales reps but they work with the CEO's and focus on the organization as a whole. I am driven to succeed within a role such as this. I am excited to dream big and keep climbing.

14 Years and Counting

Looking Up!

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