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​Accomplished clinical professional with extensive experience throughout the healthcare organization. Proven ability to lead, organize, develop and implement departmental changes. Strong leadership and relationship-building skills. Highly motivated with recent extended education in the areas of healthcare administration and communications.

Vent unit program manager of an 18 bed long term care facility. Duties included program marketing and development, clinical staff management, team care coordination, physician recruitment, corrective action management, billing management, and process improvement planning. 

Genesis Healthcare of Atlanta Program Manager

​2012- present


 * Excels in customer service

*Influencing, leading and  delegating abilities.

*Leadership: An experienced team leader.

*Critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills.

*Excellent time management and organizational skills.

*Staff training and development

*Proficiency in conflict resolutions














Children's Healthcare of Atlanta RRT


Functioned in every area of the healthcare facility including air and ground transports of critically ill children. Developed, implemented and educated performance protocols. This protocols improved patient care delivery. Coordinated efforts with multiple disciplines in quality control procedures.  

​I knew that I had a desire for healthcare while still in high school. I placed myself on a waiting list for the Cossa Valley Respiratory program in 1995 and was excepted as soon as I finished high school in 1997. I wasted no time by starting the summer of 1997 and completed my program March of 1999. I have truly enjoyed my education and build upon it each and every day.

​I have attended Ottawa since the fall of 2010. I am currently completing my duel bachelors in Healthcare Administration as well as Communications. I will have completed all necessary classes in June of 2013. I am excited  about where this new education will take me.

Cossa Valley College

​1997- 1999

Ottawa University

2010 - present







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