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Great Communication Skills for Medical Sales

       The first of the two documents listed to the left focuses on the use of technology in communications. With a focus on medical sales as a new career path I will not only use but master the use of technology communications. The larger portion on the communications that will have with clients will be handling remotely through phone calls or most often through email. The essay discusses the important things to consider such as privacy issues, flaming, and the seven different communicative competences. I believe that through the guidance in this paper I will be able to ensure fast and effective communication with clients in my new career path of medical sales.


       The second document is entitled Information Overload. This process was discovered in my Small Group Communications course. In the world of medical sales I will often work with small sales teams to process a plan of products and or services to present to clients. Prior to these presentations these small groups will brain storm ideas for what should be included and how to sell the product. Information overload could easily come into play during these times. If I am the rep for the client and I present an overwhelming amount of information to the group the result could be counterproductive and the same goes for the process of presenting to the client. As the paper shows us, it is best to stay within a processing capacity when delivering information.


Group Boundaries

       I was able to complete the paper Group Boundaries during my communicaitons program. I believe that anyone whom will be working in an area that requires group interactions. I will be presenting products and  services to small and large group enviroments. The information gained within the course has provided me with the education on the necessary boundaries needed in these situations. When you present topics to a group with to much openness the topic can get out of hand and you can lose your audiance. At the same moment if you are to closed down to listening the group then you will not be successful in the compeltion of the task at hand. It is best to consider the group and topics before presenting and consider the necessary boundaries to get the job done best possible.

Emergent Communications

              “The most powerful groups within organizations are those that emerge from formal an informal communication among people who work together. These groups are referred to as emergent communication networks” (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, 2010). When considering the communications within organizations, one must consider the emergent communications. I have worked as a department manager and I can personal atest to the emergent communications. Staff members are going to talk about what they like and don't like about the company. Rumor mills are easy to get out of control. Maintain strong communications with the saff and keeping them informed can help eliminate misguided infromation. Please feel free to read through my paper on Emergnt Communciations. I hope that it can provided assistance to you within your organization as well.


Elaboration Likelehood


       I have always felt that the way we carry ourselves in conversation can say a lot. Did you look at him while you were talking for the couple at the next table. Did you just give the impression to the new boss that you have no intreast in the topic or that you don't value your work. If you want to persuade your boss that you are ready for that promotion or you can handle the bigger clinet then there are certain things to consider. I uncover in my paper Elaboration Likelehood model and how it looks closely at how messages are recieved and how judgements are made by the reciever. I invite everyone to enjoy this part of communications that obtained in my Persuasive Communication course.


Nonverbal Messages


       Along the same lines at the elaboration likelehood, communications looks not just at verbal communication but also the nonverbal communication as well. I believe that it is the attention to these details that helps set the communication major ahead of the next canidate when applying for position. We have to think beyond just eye contact and a firm hand shake. Nonverbal message can be taken at any moment. These skills were discussed in the interculteral and international communications course. When communciating with people from other cultures it is best to understand what may or may not be offesive. Have you order something at lunch that someone of the other culture is offed to see eaten? I touch on the physical and non physical cues in my paper Nonverbal Messages.

Fast and Effective
Emergent Communications
Elaboration Likelehood
Nonverbal Messages
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